W.A.Y.S. (Wisconsin Association for Youth Shooting)


Participants and Coaches from the 2014 WAYS Shoot



Participants and coaches from the 2012 WAYS Shoot


Our WAYS program is designed to promote safe shooting skills, sportsmanship, teamwork, instill confidence and build self esteem, all while having fun.

We don’t think that it is necessary to push the competition aspect to the point that shooting is no longer enjoyable.  Most youth get enough pressure to perform in school and from society in general.  This pressure can take something that should be enjoyed and turn it into something that they just as soon would not do, and in a lot of cases will stop doing.  On the other hand, kids who want to get involved in the shooting competition will have the opportunity to join the NSCA and participate in registered tournaments.
We want the young shooters to come to the practices, learn to shoot safely, and have fun doing it.  So by the time it comes to the Youth State Shoot, they are prepared and are looking forward to a friendly competition with WAYS participants from around the state.

The WAYS program is open to children from 4th Grade through 12th Grade, with their parents permission. To find out more information and get started, please click on the links below and review the information provided.

WAYS Handbook

Parental Consent Form

Sportsmanship Agreement

Medical Consent Form

Club/Coach Forum - Club Use Only

WAYS Poster


For additional information or if you have any questions, please contact Diane Redmann (jhclub@tds.net).